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Blogger Template

We provide several products Template for people who use CMS Blogger with the premium features of interest.

Blogger Plugin

In addition to providing a template blogger, we also provide a number of plugins for Blogger . Our plugin product must have premium features.

Desktop applications

In addition to the products on the web, we also have a product Application Desktop for the operating system Windows which is certainly not inferior to the product web.

Other services

Our recently released service l saffer template creation services for bloggers, users can choose a template that will be used as Safelink

About us

Vo Paradi is a virtual company engaged in the development of Web Design Blogger. In addition we are also engaged in the development of applications based desktop operating system Windows that have licensed or open source. Web development we control for this time is Front-end including jQuery and javascript frameworks more and Bootstrap and css framework other, for Back-end is PHP and CodeIgniter for php procurement framework.

In the development of applications based desktop operating system Windows we use the programming language Visual Basic with Visual Studio as a means of making it. In addition to the field of technology, we also sell some souvenir products such as cups , Keychain , Pin , and others.

our Product

Premium Safelink Blogger Template v2.0

Premium l safety

Blogger Template

Evo Safelink Blogger Template v1.2


Blogger Template

Unduhin Blogger Template v1.1


Blogger Template

AdSense VPilot Script



vLock Blogger Plugin - Premium Share To Unlock Blogger Plugin


Blogger Plugin

vFolder Locker


Aplikasi Desktop

Our Teams

Muhammad Lamhmadi

Web Developer

Saya juga bekerja di LibsCode sebagai Frontend Developer

Muhammad Lamhmadi

Web Developer

Join in and build this together with adilo kamal


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